We have scheduled events that occur, This document explains how to add your booking to these events.

  • In order to join events, Navigate to the groups page using the menu on your profile page, or the top menu and click on “Group -> Memberships”
  • Click on the group that you want to see the Events for.
  • On the events page for the group, You will see a list of all available events. Click on the Event name that you want to join.
  • Once you click on the event, the Event’s page will load and show you details about the event. If you want to join an Event, Click on “Send Booking”. If you have alt’s that are joining the event also, Remember to select spaces for them also.
  • Once your booking is sent, you will be accepted or denied into the Event if the event requires approval of bookings.

You can also view a list of the Events that you are attending.

  • This is the page that lists the events that you are attending. Simply click on each event to see more details about it. Once you view more details you can also manage your booking for that event, If you no longer wish to participate in the event you can withdraw your booking.