In order to join a The Chaos Void corporation website group, Such as our Mining group, or PVP group, You will need to contact “Zander Kumamato” in game asking for a group invite. You will need to be registered on this website before asking for an invite.

  • Once you receive the Invite to join the group, You will get a notification. As you can see in the blue text on this image, There is a 1, You can click on the 1 in the top bar, or you can use the drop down menu.
  • Once you click on the notification, You will be taken to this page. The notifications page on your profile. Click on the notification in the list. “You have an invitation to join the group”
  • At the Group Invites page, You will see all your group invites that you have received. Click on “Accept”.
    You are now part of the group.
  • To go to the group, Use the drop down menu at the top, or click on the groups menu option in your profile.
  • At the groups page you can see a list of all the groups you are a part of.

That’s it! That’s how you join groups and view groups that you have join on The Chaos Void website!

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