This page explains how to edit your profile Avatar & Header Image on this website.

  • This is the default look of a profile on this website. Kinda bland isn’t it? Let’s spruce it up some!
  • Let’s change your profile image!
  • Click on “Change Profile Photo”
  • Wait, Where are we going to get the image for our profile from?
  • Let’s use the one from Eve Online! You don’t have to, This is how you do it tho…
  • We can easily get our profile avatar for Eve Online from! How Convenient!
  • Simply search for your Eve Character on and right click your image and select Save !
  • Go back to and “Select your File” to upload. Crop it as you wish. Click on “Crop Image”.

  • Your New Avatar is Set!
  • You would use nearly the same process as above to change your profile header except you wouldn’t use! Just take a snip from Eve Online itself or find a nice image on google!

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