Corporation Rules here.

– It is all Members duty to be amazing and awesome at all times. Just be yourself!
– It is all members duty to proselytize (drop advertisements for the corp in locals you pass through) and recruit new members! We encourage this, but do not require it. Every little bit helps our corp become even more amazing!
– We believe in working for what you deserve. We will help you out as much as we can with everything we can.
– We understand that you have a life outside of the game. 
– Be Willing to Defend our Assets that you use and profit from! PVP is a must if we get war dec’d, Regardless if you’re a 100% miner or you PVE (lvl4’s, null sec ratting, etc), if we have a call to arms, You must come fight in whatever, even if you come in an dps, ecm, logi frigate ship and help defend corp assets. We will provide ships during war dec’s for you to fight in.
– All members must work towards stockpiling their preferred PVP ships. Corp can provide cost reduced ships for purchase. Some ships will be provided for free during Incoming War Dec’s so you can have fun and PVP with us.
– Mining should generally be done by ABC ores. Sort by range, Mine it all. Cherry Picking is only allowed in High Sec. Coordinate with fleet mates on who is getting what ore.
– If you shoot a blue, Without stating your intent to Duel in the Discord #duel-notifications (both parties must state intent), You may be kicked immediately from the corp.
– Mutinous chatter against the corp will earn you a kick from the corp.
– Log into Discord while you are logged into Eve Online
— Set your Discord name in our server with your in-game name.
— Discord is primarily a Text Chat Service.
— Discord voice chat is primarily only used for PVP Fleets. 
— Keep general chatter down in fleet comms.

– Patience is the name of the game!