You make the corp great.

It is every members duty to be the best that they can be.
To help the corp out and help each other.

What we offer.

  • Lot’s of help! Through Eve and Discord, Ask any question and we will respond as fast as we can!
  • Old pilots and new pilots accepted.
  • Ship Replacement Program for Fleet Doctrine Ships during PVP Fleet Operations.
  • Mining Fleet Boosts when our Orcas are online.
  • MOON ORES! We have several stations for mining moon ore from!
  • Ore buyback program
  • Ability to take on more roles and gain a name for yourself in the Corporation and Eve.
  • 4% corporation tax compared to 11% NPC corporation tax.
  • 5% of Ore during mining Ops.
  • Tax helps pay for, Stations, Corporation Ads, and Corp doctrine ship replacement program during war time.
  • Lower ship cost through corp buy program for all members at anytime.
  • A chance to make a lot of new friends to play with

What you need

  • All players with any level of Skill Points are accepted.
  • Alt’s are accepted, and will have to go through the ESIKnife process also.
  • Friendly and mature attitude.
  • Drive to help other corp members and help the corp grow.

Join Today!

Recruitment procedures for new recruits.

  1. Read The Rules First.
  2. Join the Discord Server and say Hey.
  3. Join the in game recruitment channel “The Chaos Void” and stay in there.
  4. Apply to corporation in game.
  5. Wait for approval.